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Chandler Wolves Football Tax Donation Information

Get Full Credit for your donation!!!

The state of Arizona provides up to a $400 credit (if filing Married/jointly), $200 (if filing single/head of household), per calendar year when you make a contribution to Chandler Football! This is money provided by the State of Arizona! For example, if you contribute $400 to the Chandler Football Program you will get up to a $400 tax credit from the State of Arizona if you pay over $400 in state taxes – this is a dollar for dollar gift – you give $400 to Chandler Football – the state of Arizona gives you $400.

Chandler Football needs this money to remain competitive. Chandler Football is NOT fully funded by the Chandler District – we need fundraising and the Arizona state Tax Credit to make up the shortfall. We utilize these funds for travel, buses for 7 on 7’s, Weight room equipment, practice equipment, Uniforms, Gear Bags, Helmet Painting, Senior Gifts, etc.
Contributions are donated directly to Chandler Football, not to the state and not even to the school district. Your donation will go directly to the Chandler Football program, immediately helping Chandler Football become more competitive.

Anyone that pays Arizona state income tax can make this contribution – that means grandparents, godparents, and friends of our players can contribute to the Chandler Football Program.

How can I contribute using a credit card? Please plan to contribute the maximum amount ($400 for married taxpayers, $200 if filing single) to Chandler Football. Begin planning now – you can make a contribution in any amount and multiple times throughout the year.

Follow the directions below to contribute using your credit card.
1. Go to https://az-chandler-lite.intouchreceipting.com
2. Fill out Customer Information section
3. In Cart section; use the drop down and pick Chandler High School, then Football.
4. Enter Player Name
5. In the amount box, contribute anything you can contribute, up to $400 per married couple, $200 if single. Any amount is greatly appreciated: $200, $100, $50, etc.
6. Click “pay” and fill out your credit card information
7. Continue and print two (2) copies of your confirmation receipt – one for your records, one for Coach Aguano.

To pay by cash or check, please visit the Chandler High School bookstore.
When you prepare your AZ state taxes – complete the “Credit for Contributions Made or Fees Paid to Public Schools” Form (Form 322 AZ tax forms) to receive your tax credit. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

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